Weather Girls

Timelessly trendy: Izora Armstedt and Dynelle Rhodes, better known as The Weather Girls, are a continual hit, be it dance, pop or soulful R&B. For years these two ladies have been whirling across the international stages and making the fans happy with their albums of blues-based dance sounds and that unmistakable “Weather” touch.

Izora Armstedt was a musical prodigy child at the age of four. Her teachers and especially her mother expected her to become “the next big classical concert pianist”.
Later she studied music at the Conservatory in San Francisco, where singing arias was also part of the syllabus. Her present songs and live performances make this background audible with every note. Her large build proved to be the ideal sounding-board for her voluminous, soulful voice. “If you’re used to the old-fashioned way of learning like me then you know that you’ve got to practice to master your art – be it playing the piano or singing. So we practice for eight hours, two to three times a week. Only practice makes perfect!” Discipline and energy have always been The Weather Girls’ most pronounced characteristics – qualities that the music scene soon noticed. Before the Weather Girls’ hit debut It’s Raining Men (1982),

Izora Armstedt sang with the Hoodoo Rhythm Devils and Sylvester. The collaboration with her former partner, Martha Walsh, – initially as Two Tons of Fun, later as The Weather Girls-, paved the way for success. Many stars from the rock and pop industry have asked the unforgettable duo to sing with them on stage and in the studio, including George Michael, the Thompson Twins, Bob Seger and Michael Jackson, to name but a few. However, at the end of the 80s Martha Walsh decided to pursue her own solo career. Izora Armstedt didn’t want to continue on her own, especially as The Weather Girls were formed as a twosome. Her manager and husband, Frank Armstedt, finally came up with the idea of founding a family enterprise. “My mother phoned to ask if I wanted to sing with her”, Dynelle Rhodes remembers. “At first I thought she was just pulling my leg, but she said, “I’m in the studio at the moment working on a new record. You have to make up your mind immediately. “I quit my job, took my son Anthony -then aged four – and moved to New York. There a dream came true. The family debut Double tons of fun soon spawned radio hits with Can you feel it, We shall all be free and Party.

Hits of The Weather Girls:
* It’s raining men
* Well–A–Wiggy


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